• Real Time Alerts

    A real-time Tracking is one of a number of technologies that detects the current Parking Alert of a target, which may be anything from a vehicle to an item in a manufacturing plant to a person. Real Time Tracking capable products are used in an ever-increasing number of sectors including supply chain management (SCM), health care, the military, retail, recreation, and postal and courier services.

  • Speed Alert

    An alert that sounds if you're speeding. This feature coordinates the car's position, via GPS, with a database of speed limit information to alert drivers if they're speeding. This helps drivers maintain a safe driving speed.

  • Zone Create / Zone Alert

    Hawk i GPS tracker provide Zone Create And Zone Aleart feature. This feature is a perimeter created by the user that can an as small as a house or as big as a country. An alert will be created once the driver goes in or out (both) of this zone. Get an alert via notification.

  • Vehicle Report (VR)

    Vehicle Report (VR) Feature provide data related to vehicle that is Distance, Speed, Average speed, Engine On And Off time, Fuel consumption and fuel cost, No. of stop and Stop time also. App will provide data on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Engine ON / OFF Alert And Engine CUT

    This feature will immediately cut off your vehicle's engine whilst in motion if needed. Simply clicking on the engine cut button will disarm the battery power, leading to the immediate engine stop of the car. Hawk i App also show whether the engine is ON or OFF.

  • Direction to Device

    Direction to Device Feature help user to find best suitable and shortest way to user's device or vehicle. This Feature is work like Device or Vehicle Route Finder. It track your vehicle location that is very accurate and reliable.

  • Trip Create/ Trip History

    This feature is provide a unique service for people who want to record information about trips: supporting documents about professional trips, proof of professional or private use of a personal vehicle or a business vehicle, billing of travel on account of a client.

  • AC ON / OFF Alert

    This feature provide notification whenever the AC is switched ON/OFF. This feature is hugely beneficial for people who hire drivers for cabs or personal vehicle.

  • Anti Theft Alarm

    Whenever user ON Anti Theft Alarm feature. Hawk i app provide alert with the vibration when someone try to start engine.